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Are You A Warrior?

I found some interesting articles about super hybrid muscle and being as tough as an ancient warrior. Cool, huh? Check it out.

Do You Have To Be Fat To Be Strong? Burn Fat and Build Muscle at the Same Time – is it Possible?

Lean Muscle Routines – 100 Rep Giant Set Training
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By Mike Westerdal

Nutrition and training expert John Parrillo is an innovator who has been on the cutting edge of bodybuilding for more than two decades. His ideas go against conventional wisdom and have been hailed as revolutionary by some and dismissed by others. Some people think he’s an exercise and nutrition genius who knows more about maximizing muscle growth and losing body fat than just about anyone else around, while others think he doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about. In any case, John was among the first to embrace the idea of Super Hybrid Muscle. In fact, he was really the first one to develop the first hybrid training system.

More than 15 years ago he caught on to the idea of Super Hybrid Muscle and began having his bodybuilders doing really high intensity cardio. John realized that by doing this, his guys

were actually altering the composition of their muscle fibers. He called this form a resistance training the “100 rep extended set,” saying that it helped the body to construct more mitochondria—the muscles’ “cellular blast furnaces,” while also increasing muscular growth by developing the circulatory pathways that provide nourishment to the muscles. As the cellular blast furnaces, mitochondria are extremely important to muscle because they’re the energy-supplying systems of the muscle cells.

Every muscle has a certain number of mitochondria–the more mitochondria in the muscle, the greater its potential for growth. So by forcing the body into creating more mitochondria, you’re setting the stage for big increases muscle strength, stamina and endurance. Ordinary muscle fibers are either built for strength or endurance–not really for both. By forcing the body to increase the number of mitochondria in the muscle cells, you’re also causing a metamorphosis that converts ordinary muscle fiber into Super Hybrid Muscle fiber. And not only that, but a human body loaded with mitochondria is far less likely to accumulate body fat than a body with fewer mitochondria.

While researching ways in which to reconfigure the composition of muscle fiber, John realized that the answer could be found in the past. Looking back, he realized that prolonged, intense physical effort causes a working muscle to build additional mitochondria, resulting in big gains in muscle strength and stamina. Part of this realization came from looking at railroad workers from the 1860s. These guys would lay track all day long using a 4-pound sledgehammer developing powerful arms, forearms and shoulders loaded with mitochondria, strength and endurance. But because their legs weren’t being exercised as intensely, they stayed the same.

So basically, John’s 100 Rep Giant Set training routine recreates this kind of super intense, prolonged workout.

Here’s how it works. You start by picking a single muscle group, doing 20 reps of an exercise, then launch right into 20 reps of the next exercise. Immediately after that, you do 20 reps of another exercise, followed by 2 more sets of 20 reps each of two different exercises. There is no rest allowed between the 20-rep sets. At the end of all this, you’ve done a total of 100 reps, almost sequentially. Now you can rest for no more than 1 minute before starting the whole cycle again, repeating it at least 2-3 times total.

That is one hell of a tough workout–especially when you realize that you’ve just done 200-300 reps for a single muscle. In a normal workout, even on a high rep day, most guys aren’t going to even hit 100 for a single muscle. The important thing to remember here is that the workout needs to be intense. You don’t want to be screwing around wasting time by not making it challenging. At the same time though, you don’t want to start out with a weight that’s too heavy because once you start, you need to commit to finishing with the same weight. No drop sets here.

You can do 100 Rep Giant Sets for any body part–you’re not limited to just certain muscle groups. You can also do it whether you use machines or free weights but you’ll always get the best results from free weights because they force each limb to carry its fair share of the total weight, requiring each muscle to perform equally, making free weights far better muscle-building tools than machines. You should do the 100 Rep Giant Sets once or twice a week, rotating body parts for about eight weeks.

If you tell most bodybuilders that you’re going to be doing 100-rep sets to build strength, stamina and size, they’re likely to ask if you’ve gone out of your flipping mind. Most hardcore bodybuilders reject this philosophy entirely because it runs directly contrary to the all-known logic – fewer repeats, bigger weights – equals bigger muscle growth.

Even though the path to getting there is a bit different, the underlying principle and ultimate goals of 100 Rep Giant Sets and Lean Hybrid Muscle training are the same. Both rely on grueling workouts that combine resistance training and cardio activities to force the body to increase the number of mitochondria to build Super Hybrid Muscle.

The Barbarians - A Huge Hybrid Muscle Upset!
Date Published: 07th September 2009

Author: Mike Westerdal

Everyone knows that the ancient Roman warriors kicked ass. In fact, the growth of the Roman Empire was just about unstoppable for nearly 500 years. That is, up until 476 AD, when they found themselves fighting the Barbarians who invaded Rome from the Germanic region of Europe. And this time, it was the Barbarians who kicked ass, not the Romans. This was one of their biggest defeats that the Romans had ever suffered. And what made this trouncing particularly humiliating was that it was carried out by an army that wasn't well-organized. Even more embarrassing for the Romans was the fact that this "rag-tag" army had almost no armor-and in fact, some of them wore nothing at all-and used a mismatched, hodgepodge of weaponry.

For the Barbarians though, this was their single-greatest victory ever, and even today, this battle stands as the defining moment in the unification of Germany. So, how did the Barbarians-who seemingly were nothing more than roving, disorganized, loose-knit bands of guys with a penchant for fighting-clobber the mighty Romans? Taking a look at both the way the Barbarians fought their battles and what they did to prepare for them, sheds some light on why they were a force not to be taken lightly.

First of all, you should know that the Barbarians-in reality, groups of small, semi-nomadic, warring tribes-basically pioneered the art of guerilla warfare. They honed their fighting skills by battling each other and favored hand-to-hand combat, surprise ambushes and fought without any rules. They had almost no armor or helmets and sometimes fought bare-chested or even naked. So while the Romans were well-disciplined fighters, they were fighting as part of an organized unit-in other words, if one fell, another took his place. In contrast, the Barbarians weren't organized. It was more or less, every man for himself-and that's they way they trained.

Whether it was by design or circumstance, the Barbarians were almost always in a perpetual state of training. Not only would each small tribe be almost constantly fighting another tribe, but just to keep on their toes, the guys within each tribe often fought each other. So essentially, even more so than other warrior cultures-all of which used weaponry to a greater degree than they did-the Barbarians relied on their physical capabilities to defeat their enemies.

Because of this, it was even more important for the Barbarians to continually strive to build super muscle or type III muscle, as well as increase mitochondrial density. So for them, their training activities would have focused on those things that included a high degree of resistance cardio.

The hand-to-hand combat sessions would have helped them to develop speed, accuracy, flexibility and strength. But in addition to this, they would have had to also build up their endurance levels so there would have been lots of running as well. But to really increase the mitochondrial density and build hybrid super muscle, they would have also spent a considerable amount of time running across distances carrying supplies and whatever weapons they might have been using at the time.

They would have also done quite a bit of slower-moving resistance cardio-still carrying all the great-as they moved from place to place. The Barbarians were semi-nomadic so they were almost always on the move and their attack mode was similar to what the Vikings used-rapid, surprise attacks.

Remember too that the Barbarians more or less pioneered guerilla warfare, which requires an incredible degree of flexibility, speed and versatility. Knowing this, we can be fairly certain that their training routines would not have included doing the same thing day-in and day-out. In order to develop and hone the fighting skills that they needed to defeat their enemies, they would have had to be constantly mixing things up from day-to-day. And again, like the other warrior cultures we've discussed, they weren't exercising so that they could look good-they were focused on functionality.

The Barbarians definitely go down in history as one of the elite warrior cultures of all-time. Stay tuned as we explore how we can build the same Super Hybrid Muscle the Barbarians had by copying some of their training regiments. As you have definitely figured out by now it is going to involve strength building and resistance cardio or max effort conditioning. When it comes to building the "Warrior Physique" you're going to need to train like a warrior and that involves stepping out of your comfort zone and performing activities that build muscle and burn fat at the same time like resistance cardio or conditioning.

Don't worry, you won't need to quit your gym to join in on some of these workouts, you just need to get creative.

Get my free report entitled, The Warrior Physique - Building The Super Hybrid Muscle. Click to learn how you can rapidly build muscle and burn fat at the same time.

Mike Westerdal is the founder of Critical Bench, Inc., a free online weight training magazine.

About Controlled Fatigue Training by Ori Hofmekler

--What is my physical potential?
--Have I tried to reach my limits?
--Do I feel strong in certain areas, but weak in others?
--Am I quick enough?
--Can I jump high a few times without falling apart?
--Can I sprint for more than 30 seconds without collapsing?
--Do I know the difference between being strong and being tough?
--Do I like what I see in the mirror?
--What Is Controlled Fatigue Training?

Warrior Diet Controlled Fatigue Training (CFT) is an exercise program that methodically trains the body to resist fatigue under intense physical stress, while gradually improving all performance capabilities (i.e. strength, speed, velocity, and sustained power).

Like other WD programs, CFT is based on one master principle– SURVIVAL. The program consists of workout units (complex sets) that mimic primal fight or flight activities, increasing alertness, balance- control and capacity to "come back with a vengeance" when extremely fatigued.

Humans, like other animals are primarily preprogrammed to adapt and improve their ability to survive, when exposed to certain hard conditions that force the body to endure periodic nutritional or physical stress.

Scientists believe that since the late Paleolithic period (about 10,000 years ago), we humans, have inherited genes known as thrifty genes that help us better survive when forced to periodically undereat due to lack of food or routinely be engaged in intense physical activity due to the necessity to hunt, fight or flight. When triggered, certain thrifty genes help us better survive by up grading the body's capacity to utilize fuel and generate energy, while improving body composition (i.e. the ratio of lean tissue/fat).

Evidently, some thrifty genes had been identified by researchers as "Fat burning genes" and "Fat Storing Genes" (i.e. PPAR alpha and PPAR gamma, respectively). It had been suggested that in order to fully take advantage of our biological make-up, we must follow a life-style that somewhat mimics the way we are primarily destined to live. For that matter, the more we exercise in a way that mimics primal human fight or flight activities, and the more we follow feeding cycles that mimic primal cycles of feast and famine, the more we will trigger the genes that improve our ability to survive, making us tougher, leaner stronger and healthier. In other words, life doesn't provide many choices, "IF YOU ARE NOT ACTIVELY SURVIVING YOU ARE PASSIVELY DYING."

The CFT Revolution
CFT vs. Other Training Methods

--The WD's CFT trains the body to resist fatigue and sustain power under intense or extreme physical stress in a way that mimics primal fight or flight activities.
--Not like other training methods today that typically separate between resistance and endurance, CFT combines both with a substantial emphasis on exercise intensity.
--Different from training methods that typically endorse either short sets of resistance or prolonged moderate aerobics, CFT incorporates complex workout units with short rest or no rest between sets, methodically rotating between low and high levels of complexity, work load and volume. CFT does not incorporate moderate aerobics.
--While other exercise programs typically work on isolation of body parts (arms, chest, legs, shoulders, etc.), CFT works the whole body with a superior emphasis on the core.
--While other exercise programs generally fail to provide clear functional principles, CFT is based on survival related principles with a profound` functional appeal and defined clear priorities as to what comes first and what is secondary.
--While other exercise programs promise a "straight Line" progress (i.e. gradual increase in weight load, etc.), CFT gradually increase strength speed velocity together with the capacity to resist fatigue. By virtue of methodically rotating between levels of exercise's complexity, work load and volume, CFT features repetitive cycles of training sessions, providing steady progress in a spiral like manner.

Intensity - levels of exercise complexity and work load in a workout unit.

Volume - number of workout units/per fixed time.

CFT Principles

1. Base your training on workout units that incorporate strength speed, velocity and endurance exercise in one complex set.
2. Incorporate pre-fatigue or post-fatigue exercise with the workout units. Rotate between sessions with pre-fatigue exercise, sessions with post-fatigue exercise and sessions of shear resistance.
3. Incorporate special abdominal and back supersets in the end of the workout sessions.
4. Exercise within a fixed time frame. Increase intensity- (increase work load or complexity) while reducing volume (less workout units/ time).
5. Increase volume while decreasing intensity (more units less weight load or complexity).
6. Increase intensity with a fixed volume.
7. Increase volume with a fixed intensity.
8. Rotate between 6,7,8,9.

CFT Nutritional Tips

--Cycle between high fat and high carb days (or detox) to train your body to maximize fuel utilization.
--Have a recovery meal of 15-20g of protein and 10-25g of carbs right after your workout (ideally within the first 30 min. of post exercise).
--Have light protein meal with minimum carbs every couple of hours after the initial post exercise recovery meal.
--If you workout in the late afternoon or early evening your evening main meal should be a great recovery meal.

Controlled fatigue training
How to increase Muscle capacity to utilize oxygen and resist fatigue with special warm-up exercises.
By Ori Hofmekler

One of the main problems that adversely effect athletes, bodybuilders or individuals engaged in prolonged intense physical stress- is a loss of stamina. “Hitting the wall” often involves a feeling of light headed, overall exhaustion and inability to sustain strength.

The core concept of controlled fatigue training is to gradually train the body to resist fatigue and sustain strength during a prolonged intense physical stress. That way one could handle higher valium of intense exercise and thereby be able to gain strength, speed, and velocity with an improved muscle/ fat composition.

Muscle capacity to utilize oxygen is a critical determinate in one's ability to sustain strength and resist fatigue. Maximum muscle oxidative capacity relates to the rate of blood lactate removal after a 1 minute of all out test. Researchers at the Institute De Biology, Montpellier , France stated that maximal oxidative capacity is directly associated with the delay in the fatigue of champion athletes or highly trained individuals.

Recent studies at the department of exercise and sports science, Manchester Metropolitan University, Alsager, UK investigated the effect of warm-up sprint intervals on maximum muscle oxidative capacity (VO2 max).The British researchers speculated that the metabolic acidosis resulting from sprint intervals would enhance muscle perfusion and result in speeding oxygen uptake (VO2max) during a following bout of intense exercise. The studies results showed that these intense pre-fatigue intense exercise (but not moderate exercise) increased the amplitude to which muscle VO2 can rise during a following bout of intense exercise.

It is likely possible that super intense pre-fatigue) exercise such as sprint intervals, trigger a survival mechanism (i.e. fight or flight reaction to stress) that help compensate for the sudden brutal onset of intense physical stress by inducing an immediate increase in muscle VO2 max with an improve capacity to utilize fuel and resist fatigue and thereby be able to better survive in times of high physical stress or danger. Furthermore, to compensate for the ware and tear of muscle tissue, the body induces a profound anabolic and insulin sensitizing effect. Previous studies reveal that highly intense exercise has a more profound anabolic effect than moderate exercise. In fact, intense elevates, such as high valium of resistance training, increase testosterone levels with a superior effect on increasing growth hormone and IGF-1 levels as well as on enhancing insulin sensitivity compared to moderate aerobic45 exercise.

In conclusion, incorporating pre-fatigue intense exercise such as sprint intervals together with a high valium of intense exercise may be a most efficient training method to help maximize muscle capacity to utilize oxygen and resist fatigue while boosting the overall anabolic effect on the body.

Note that sprint intervals could possibly be substituted with other intense warm-up exercise such as power biking (max level) intervals, rope jumping, high jumps, or heavy bag punching (2min., 30sec rest, x 3-5).

Ori Hofmekler is the author of the books “The Warrior Diet” and “ Maximum Muscle Minimum Fat” / Dragon Door Publications. To learn about the Warrior Diet Certification Seminars and Controlled Fatigue Training Seminars (ISSA Accredited ) Log onto or call 866-WAR-DIET

Which Species is the Most Physically
Superior on Earth?
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Why Our Ancient Ancestors Have Beaten the Crap Out of Us Pound to Pound
Scientists have recently discovered that back in the early days of humankind, common "cavemen" such as the Paleo and Neanderthal man, had the same type of muscle as wild apes (who actually have DNA that is 98% identical to our own).

It's thought that this superior muscle type is due to stronger, more resilient muscle fibers, which enabled prehistoric humans to survive extreme hardship in the untamed wilderness of the Earth.

Today's gorillas have retained that amazing primitive and powerful muscular build, despite thousands of years of evolution. Compared to modern man, they are estimated to be 5-10 times stronger and physically superior.

What's more, as people progressed from being hunter-gatherers to farmers, to industrial workers, to today's office jobs - our muscles have grown accustomed not being used as they have been programmed to during prehistoric days - We have been going against our nature and we pay the consequences: humans today are weaker than ever!

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All programs today are inadequately missing something!

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Typical Wrestling Diet

This is what I ate during my senior season of wrestling as best as I can recall.


I would have one of the following:

Oatmeal - 1 cup of plain cooked unsweetened oatmeal or maybe with a tablespoon of raisins occasionally

Cereal - Occasionally I would combine one cup of Special K and one cup of Wheaties and eat it dry. Sometimes I would have half a cup of milk on cereal but usually not. I made the mistake of trying to eat cereal with water once. Either eat it plain or with milk. Trust me.

Poached Eggs - occasionally, although I don't remember for sure (they are very low in calories and high in protein so if I didn't then I should have every now and then

Plain waffles or pancakes (doesn't sound too good, huh?)


Consisted of a combination of any of the following:

Rice Cakes (not a taste treat but very low in calories)
Cheese slices (on the rice cakes)
Apples (low in calories and filling)
Whole wheat bread
Peanut butter occasionally
Candy bar or Toast'em pastry (very rarely)
Water (I should have drank milk with lunch each day in retrospect)


The following might have been typical:

Fish square
Baked potato (plain, of course)
Green beans (sometimes mixed with a can of mushrooms)
Milk - occasionally
Ice cream (vanilla) - half a cup - occasionally


Alba Snack Shake Mix (only 70 calories, although it does contain artificial sweeteners and cellulose gum, xantham gum, and guar gum because it's sugar free and basically fat free) - I really liked it though because it's hard to beat having a shake that's only 70 calories

I suppose that these days teenage athletes are into drinking whey protein shakes and other protein shakes.

Diet pop (almost every night after practice)- although too much consumption of artificial sweeteners I now realize isn't such a great idea

After weigh-in I might have:

Fig or Blueberry Newtons (just a few)
Then main meal of one or more of the following:
French toast
Eggs and toast
Milk Shake (very rarely - that was more of a sophomore year thing although it's surprising how good a chocolate shake can taste around 7:30 am
Diet Pop and/or orange juice

If it was the day of a tournament then I might have something to eat in between meals such as the following:

Pop Tarts or Toast'ems
Jelly sandwiches on white bread

So, I guess apples, rice cakes, plain breads, plain cereals, potatoes, and green beans were my main foods.

I should have drank more milk and ate more fats (butter and peanut butter) and perhaps a bit more protein but I could really eat a lot of apples, green beans, and plain breads and cereals for very few calories which was very appealing at the time. But more protein and more fat might have meant having higher testosterone in my body and greater strength and power which is, of course, a good thing. Don't diet or cut weight because it's no fun and can be dangerous. But, if you do cut weight then cut back slowly and try to eat healthy and remember there are a lot of low calorie foods that are still high in nutrition.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Motivational Speech

During my senior season my coach was talking to the team after practice the night before the conference tournament.  He wanted us to be focused and ready to wrestle.  Then he asked if anyone had anything to to say.  It was quiet for a few moments and I said, "I have something to say coach."

Then I said, "Tomorrow is the conference tournament and we are going to dominate.  When we face our opponents tomorrow, we are going to show them what a Postville wrestler is made of.  Strength! Dedication! Determination!  I know this because I know that no one works harder than an Postville wrestler.  Some of you may be hungry.  Some of you may be tired or in pain but you do not stop.  You are not content!  You are are relentless!  When an opponent meets a Postville wrestler he knows he is in for a battle.  A Postville wrestler is not just working to be the best in the conference but the best in the state.  We proudly wear the red and black to represent Postville High.  A Postville wrestler will not quit, will not let up, will not stop until he has wrestled his absolute best!  I know that we will be victorious and will not rest until we have beaten our adversaries.  No match is too challenging!  No competition is too demanding!  Victory always!"

Actually, that is a complete and total dramatization.  I never gave any such speech, but I wish I would have.

I like inspiring words and speeches.  The speech above was inspired by Napoleon Bonaparte, General George Patton, and a few other sources.

Napoleon's Proclamation to His Troops in Italy (March-April 1796)

Read it all here:

Here's part of the speech:

[March 27, 1796]

Soldiers, you are naked, ill fed! The Government owes you much; it can give you nothing. Your patience, the courage you display in the midst of these rocks, are admirable; but they procure you no glory, no fame is reflected upon you. I seek to lead you into the most fertile plains in the world. Rich provinces, great cities will be in your power. There you will find honor, glory, and riches. Soldiers of Italy, would you be lacking in courage or constancy?

[April 26, 1796]

In a fortnight you have won six victories, taken twenty-one standards, fifty-five pieces

plains in the world. Rich provinces, great of artillery, several strong positions, and conquered the richest part of Piedmont [a region in northern Italy]; you have captured 15,000 prisoners and killed or wounded more than 10,000 men. . . .

You have won battles without cannon, crossed rivers without bridges, made forced marches without shoes, camped without brandy and often without bread. Soldiers of liberty, only republican phalanxes [infantry troops] could have endured what you have endured. Soldiers, you have our thanks! The grateful Patrie [nation] will owe its prosperity to you. . . .

The two armies which but recently attacked you with audacity are fleeing before you in terror; the wicked men who laughed at your misery and rejoiced at the thought of the triumphs of your enemies are confounded and trembling.

Napoleon's Proclamation to the Troops on the Commencement of the War of the Third Coalition, September 1805:

"Whatever the obstacles we have to face, we will be victorious and we will not rest until we have planted our eagles upon the territories of our enemies."

An excerpt from General George Patton's "Blood and Guts" speech found at:

I don't want to get any messages saying, "I am holding my position." We are not holding a Goddamned thing. Let the Germans do that! We are advancing constantly and we are not interested in holding onto anything, except the enemy's balls! We are going to twist his balls and kick the living shit out of him all of the time. Our basic plan of operation is to advance and to keep on advancing regardless of whether we have to go over, under, or through the enemy.

The motto of the 1st Infantry Division of the U. S. Army (nicknamed The Big Red One):

"No Mission Too Difficult, No Sacrifice Too Great--Duty First!"